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Friday, February 29, 2008

Amy Davis Swimsuit Photos And Modeling Career

I have been seeing tons of photos and articles lately on Amy Davis and her swimsuit modeling career. Since this blog is primarily about Indiana American Idol Finalists, I thought I would do a little research on Amy and her swimsuit modeling. I know Amy Davis was eliminated and her voice didn’t stand up to the American Idol voters taste, but she is a fellow Hoosier after all. As I was surfing for more information on modeling career I kept finding the same old photo's that are on everyone’s site these days. That is until I ran across a photographer Greg Reinacker and his blog. Greg evidentially did a photo shoot in St. Thomas over a year ago and Amy Davis was one of his models. Greg very nice work by the way. After viewing his portfolio, I believe we'll be seeing plenty of Amy Davis in the future. Amy might not have made it as an American Idol but she sure has potential as a swimsuit model. THere are some other pictures of American Idol Amy Davis on several sites thoughout the internet

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