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Friday, February 22, 2008

Amy Davis Eliminated From American Idol

Amy Davis was eliminated in the first rounds of cuts on American Idol last night. This doesn't come as a huge suprise after her perfromance and the judges comments during Wednesday's American Idol episode. We hope that Amy can take something positive away from this experience. Everyone from Indiana should be proud of her accomplishments even though she wont continue on in the American Idol competition. If it doesnt help to boost her sining career its bound to have some impact on her modeling opportunities, as the web is now full of sites featuring Amy Davis and her many photo's. Its amazing how a brief time in the lime light can create such a buzz around the world. While I do have a few photo's of Amy Davis here, there are many sites out there that do nothing but feature her many different swimsuit pictures and other photo's from her modeling portfolio. Garrett Haley was another midwest American Idol contender that was eliminated during this first round. Like Amy he had less than a spectacular performance on Tuesday. Garrett Haley a 17 yr old will return to Elida, OH and continue singing in his local church. Hopefully we will see more of him in the future. This round of eliminations leave only 2 Indiana American Idol contestants left, Luke Menard and Amanda Overmyer. Neither of these had a great showing on thier debut , but atleast it was enough to move them deeper into the American Idol competition.

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