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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Amanda Overmyer Indiana American Idol | Rockin Nurse

Amanda Overmyer from Mulberry, IN came out rocking the stage with her rendition of Baby, Please Don't Go". Sporting a pair of patchwork pants that even Randy wanted to wear. Besides liking her pants, Randy really seems to dig this American Idol's blues/rock style of singing. Paul and Simon also liked Amanda Overmyer's performance stating that she is "authentic" and "original". Amanda did stumble slightly on remembering her words but its my opinion that wont prevent her from moving on into the next American Idol episode. Tonight we find out which two male and female performers will be going home. Keep you fingers crossed that all of Indiana's American Idols continue one. Our hats of to Luke Menard, Amy Davis and Amanda Overmyer for having the courage to step up on that American Idol stage and give it a shot.

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