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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Amanda Overmyer | Indiana American Idol finalist goes home

The final Hoosier leave the stage of American Idol finishing in 11Th place overall. It was a good run for Amanda Overmyer who brought something differ net to the stage of American Idol. We should all learn from her and the other American Idols. If you have a dream or goal, you need to take a chance and go for it. There is nothing worse than looking back in life knowing you didn't take a chance to achieve your dreams. Congratulations Amanda on making it the furthest of all the Indian American Idols. The other remaining American Idols are:
David Archuleta
Brooke White
Ramiele Malubay
Jason Castro
Chikezie Eze
Carly Smithson
Kristy Lee Cook
Michael Johns
David Cook
Syesha Mercado

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